Vulcan logic is like cold steel…

24 05 2011

…sharp and precise as it cuts through the bullshit.  When mixed with human emotion however—-well, Spock can tell you more about that than I.

My previous post presented the logical side of my mindset.  I have a goal.  I have a plan to reach it.  I must follow the plan to achieve the goal.  If I do indeed intend a successful outcome, deviance from the plan would be illogical.

End of story.  Right?

My intellectual mind knows these facts.  It is like Spock:  full of discernment, reason and measured action.  My emotional mind is like Kirk:  adventurous, energetic and sometimes a loose cannon.  When working in concert, this is a highly effective pairing.  Out of balance, we could be in trouble.

The past three days have been “perfect days” as previously defined, with intake and output precisely within the boundaries of  a 600-1000 calorie deficit per day.  72 hours (three days) is well known to be the entire lifespan of the typical “diet”.  Even though I’m not calling this plan a “diet” since I’m eating pretty much everything except junk, I am trying to control portions and content so there is the element of self-control at work.  And for me three days is usually when logic begins to wear off and emotion seeps in.  A reason to celebrate, a rough day at the office, a boring day off and the whispered temptation of  “eat, eat, eat”  becomes too persistent to hold at bay.

So today will be a test.  I feel incredibly tired today due to poor-quality sleep last night.  I have a day off from work .  My son is coming over to do laundry.  Tired = weak-willed.  Day off = possibility of boredom.  Son visiting = temptation to go to lunch, have a beer, have another, have a third, forget about goal, party hearty, regret it tomorrow.

On this day, I need Spock to keep Kirk in check in order to succeed with my training program.  Logic must overcome emotion.  Just for today.  One day at a time.



Yesterday: in the morning, a pesonal trainer session — core and upper body;  in the evening, a couple miles walking with the dogs.

Sunday: the Splish Splash 8k in Gurnee  — I was slower than I wanted to be and this emphasized my need to work on speed as well as distance.

Saturday:  “active rest” — a couple hours of gardening.