The Klingons say gagh is best when eaten alive….

20 05 2011

….and that may be true.  It would have to taste better than the thing that flew into my mouth when I was running this morning.  I saw it out of the corner of my eye being sucked in as if by tractor beam when I simultaneously inhaled while turning a corner and ran smack into a gaggle of flying “things” right at face level.  The bug was round, unexpectedly large and rather gel-cap like, as though it would make a popping sound if I should bite it.  I spit it out.  It was far too early in the day for exotic food.

I ran four miles this morning and felt pretty good about myself for doing it.  No aches and pains, but the troublesome left Achilles tendon let me know it needs to be stretched and I will oblige.  I sprained my left ankle very badly twice in the last 10 years and then followed those insults with the Achilles strain.  I’m sure there’s a messy conglomeration of scar tissue there which deserves more attention than I give it.  Job #1 this weekend will be implementing regular flexibility work into the regimen so I don’t end up back in physical therapy (where I spent all of last autumn instead of running).  The twice-weekly yoga class is still in the planning stage but will happen when I can find one that dovetails with my work schedule.

Yesterday morning I had another personal trainer appointment.  We worked on balance and strength.  Since I don’t necessarily burn a lot of calories at these sessions, I’ve decided to add an evening dogwalk to those days.  I will get closer to the daily recommended 10,000 pedometer steps with that strategy and the girls will get some exercise too.  It was hot and I was tired last night after work but we walked almost two miles.

On Wednesday, I had planned to do some speedwork but a night of lousy sleep sapped the necessary energy so I just did some run walk intervals (although more walk than run).  Sleep is such a crucial training element!  I tell my patients all the time that “sleep time is healing time”.  I could use more of it for myself.

Tuesday, my day off work, got sucked up in errands and chores.  No training was done.  I took the girls for a short walk through the woods after their vet appointment and that had to suffice.

Monday was another personal trainer day.  Strength and core.

Of course, none of these days made up for the weekend indulgences of rich food and strong drink with friends and family in Chicago.   Eating and drinking, whether gagh or quiche and bellinis or sliders and beer, seems to be the central element in all of our celebrations.  How wonderful it would be if I was naturally thin and didn’t have to concern myself with balancing calories in/calories out!  How great if everyone I knew was athletic and health-obsessed so that our social encounters revolved around salad bars and sprinting!   And I’d be absolutely ass-over-teakettle if I had a personal chef to bookend the personal trainer, thereby ensuring easy access to an athlete’s diet!  But alas, none of this is the case so I find I must concentrate on eating like the athlete I want to be instead of the 50-something fat-ass that it’s easier to be.

More later….