A “captain’s log” this is not

14 05 2011

According to my favorite Star Trek site, Memory Alpha, the captain’s log is  “used to inform the captain’s superiors of what is happening on a mission and to record historical facts for future generations”.   I find this to be a possibly interesting but dissimilar thesis since future generations may never find it and I haven’t any overseers concerned with my performance.  Nonetheless, I’ll keep on writing because it’s a form of accountability to myself.

Since my last post, I’ve seen the personal trainer twice a week to work on strength, balance and core.  I believe my training efforts will be better for it because he has been where I am and knows where I want to go.  His is one of those “fat-to-fit” success stories that resonates so well with me, and he has a great sense of humor.  Since he is a tri-athlete now, he certainly knows the journey and how to help me get further along the road with specific exercises for my chosen sports.  I’m really happy about that.

Flexibility is still an area where I need a push.  At my age, it is probably the single most important means of staving off aches and pains  —  especially with me pounding the pavement while weighing over 150 lbs. (way over….but that’s all I’ll tell you).  I do a bit of token stretching before and after each activity but not enough.  I believe I’m going to seek out a twice-weekly yoga class somewhere that I can do in the early evening after my workday is done.  An evening class will provide the added benefit of getting me to do something besides collapsing on the sofa and being sucked into the vortex of mindless television.

As far as running etc. goes….I did the 7.5 miles mentioned in the last post.  Since then I have also done a short (12 mile) bike ride.  I’ve been to Zumba class twice.  Ran 3 miles this past Thursday.   And put in 90% of the vegetable garden.  Today I’ve got an “almost 9 mile” run planned for this morning before I head into Chicago to spend the rest of the weekend with friends and family.

Eating continues to be a work in progress.

That’s pretty much it for this week.  Nothing historical or memorable, but I’m talking about it anyway.



8.75 mile run done.  Great weather for it today:  55 degrees with a stiff wind.   Running  into the headwind was near-impossible so that’s when I did my brisk walking.  But I was free to sweat like a Tarcassian razor beast and none of it ran into my eyes.  Nice!