My very own Duotronic Sensor Array!

20 09 2009

File:Duotronic sensor array.jpg  COOL, HUH?

OK, it’s really just a Garmin 305 but it’s so frackin’ Space-Age, it might as well be one!

I bought this gadget (on sale because now there’s a 405 that’s supposedly better) when I decided to follow a structured training plan for the half-marathon and then promptly shelved it because it was too hot to run outdoors.  I finally brought it out and got it set up a couple of weeks ago.  I really love it!

It tells me how fast and far I’m going because it’s linked to GPS satellites.  It tells me my best-paced lap, my current pace, and even how many calories I’ve burned.  It also has a heart rate monitor, so I can keep track of my heart rate when working out.  There are other functions I haven’t even tried yet, including training software that allows analyses of all the data collected.  I’ve used it on my last two long runs and am thrilled damn-near senseless to have the information it gleans.

I’m not sure if being engaged in such a personalized data-driven traning program complete with space-age gadgetry makes me feel more like a legitimate athlete or if I just like having toys, but it makes me feel better every time I strap it on.  That has got to be a good thing because it’s one of the reasons I keep throwing one leg out in front of the other mile after mile after grueling frackin’ mile.

To recap the week’s training:

Tuesday – upper body weight segments from Cathe’s Supersets DVD, 3 miles of speed intervals on treadmill

Wednesday – 13 hour shift at work….no workout

Thursday – 7.25 mile “long run”

Friday – worked in the AM then went to a wedding reception in the PM and got drunk

Saturday – worked 10 hours hungover….no workout

So far today, Sunday, I have gone on a 22 mile bike ride and cooked a nice hearty omelet breakfast.  I have hopes of hitting the weights again later.  I’ll report back in the near future.