I need a vacation on Risa, the “pleasure planet”!

4 09 2009

According to my favorite Star Trek database (http://memory-alpha.org/en/wiki/Risa ), popular attractions include:

  • Suraya Bay, where the Lohlunat, the Festival of the Moon, is held.
  • Galartha, a cliff face that changes pitch while you climb it.
  • One recommended restaurant is a little boat that sails into the bay every evening just after sunset. Patrons wade out to it, and they serve seafood right off the deck.
  • Subterranean Gardens where all the plants are luminescent.
  • Steam-pool said to be very relaxing .

There are many nightclubs, but the Vulcan Database advises visitors be wary of the occasional crime.   According to the Vulcan database, Risa had over 200 registered Nuvian masseuses.   Risa is most noted for the frank and open sexuality of its native population.

Thinking about the need for hedonism made me reflect on what it is that usually comes to mind when I consider the concept of pleasure:  Mojitos, strawberry whipped cream cake, a day on the sofa watching Lifetime movies.  But the fact is, I do derive pleasure from running on a cool day when I have lots of energy; a bike ride through the woods; a nice long walk with the dogs.  Yes, lazing on the couch with a belly full of goodies makes me happy, but so does a lot of other stuff that won’t make me fatter.  I like that.

Nonetheless as soon as we figure out a way to transit those 90 light years to Risa without my getting too much older, that’s where I’m headed.  I’m planning a warm-up run in the subterranean gardens, a nice vigorous climb up that cliff, a cool-down swim out to the boat for have some seafood and then a nice relaxing dip in the steam pool before I head to the bar and get my freak on with the natives.

But until then, I will continue to train for the half-marathon at my sluggish earthly pace.  Since my last post, I have had a rather lackluster week as a burgeoning athlete.  I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately, something not uncommon for a menopausal woman, and it leaves me with less energy than I’d like. 

On Monday, I lazed around the house most of the day and then went on a bike ride too late in the afternoon which was thus abbreviated by nightfall and ended after about 40 minutes. 

On Tuesday, I did about 3 miles of speed intervals.

I worked 14 hours on Wednesday (which in itself would suck the life out of  a Talosian) and then slept fitfully again last night.   After moping around all day complaining about being tired, I went to the woods and ran 3.75 miles.

More tomorrow….