Not exactly the Dahkur Hills on Bajor, but great IMHO

15 09 2009

Kira Nerys and the Bajoran resistance were able to hide from the Cardassians an entire winter in the Hills of Dahkur Province so they must have been quite substantial.  My hills on the trail in the Hammel Woods may not have been able to provide that protection but they sure set my thighs to burning on Saturday–and I LOVED IT!

I had a 6.5 mile run on my training calendar and, as is my custom with many things, waited until too late in the day to get started.  It was sunny and what I consider “hot” for running:  probably about 82 degrees.  So I scrapped the route I had plotted around the nearby subdivisions, and decided to head over to the woods to run on the paved bike trail.  If you pick up the northernmost section of the trail at the dog park and run all the way to the woods’ southern entrance  on Route 52, it’s 1.7 miles.  I figured I’d run out and back twice, thereby hitting my mileage target.

I got there, started running and realized it was still too freakin hot.  I’ve always noted the presence of hiking trails that lead from the bike path deep into the forest, but didn’t want to take them because of the possibility of ticks.  I hate those ugly things!  I’m not so worried about Lyme disease (hell, I’d just take a Z-pack if I ever found a target rash on myself) but I think I would scream like a little girl if I ever found a live tick embedded in my skin.  And I never remember things  like Deep Woods Off until it’s too late.

But on this day I just didn’t care.  Still stung by the humiliation of my spectacular last place finish at the 10K the week before and never ever ever wanting that to happen again, I will now do whatever it takes to be well-trained for the next race.  So into the woods I went.  IT WAS FANTASTIC!  Under the shady canopy of trees that probably could regale me with tales of Indian battles, I climbed hills, leaped over fallen branches, crossed a stream by walking over a log, and generally had a wonderful time.  Of course, I gasped and struggled and swore a lot too.  But it was still so much fun!

On Sunday, I worked 10 hours then rode my bike about 7 miles until it got too dark.

Monday was a rest day.

Today is Tuesday and I have some speed intervals planned along with upper body weights and core.  More later….