At 53, I’d probably be considered young on Vulcan…

30 08 2009

…..but here on this planet, I am one old ass bitch!

As a testament to my age, I reached an age-related healthcare milestone this past Thursday:  I had my first screening colonoscopy.  I also an EGD as well because of my history of reflux.  Other than snipping out one colon polyp for which I’m still awaiting a biopsy report, I was given a clean bill of gastrointestinal health.  Honestly, despite all the dread that caused me to wait 3 extra years before getting the procedure done, it was not bad at all.  The worst part was starving for a day and drinking 2 liters of the awful-tasting prep stuff then having explosive watery diarrhea for a few hours.  I don’t even remember the colonoscopy/EGD themselves.  According to my husband, I told the recovery room nurse” Wow, I haven’t felt that good since the 70s!”  LOL……I do remember thinking as I went under that I felt like I did the time in high school when I did Quaaludes with my friend Renee.  Anyway, I do not recommend waiting as long as I did to have the screening, because it’s not nearly as bad as it sounds and a hell of a lot better than ending up with a cancer that could have been caught/prevented.  Again I am proving myself to be one of those “do-as-I-say-and-not-as-I-do” doctors!

I was back up and running two days after the roto-rooter job and that was when my age was once again made apparent by way of  aches, pains and deficient stamina.  I did a 5 mile run on Saturday with more than a few walking breaks given the upward slope of some of the streets around here and the stiff headwind blowing from the west.  My legs and lungs seemed to be competing to slow me down with plenty of encouragement from the extra weight I’m carrying around right now.   I will never ever quit as long as I can put one foot in front of the other but I do think I sometimes I go too easy on myself.   I would so LOVE to have a running buddy that would keep me moving along when my ancient parts try to persuade me that it’s time for a little walk-break.  But then again, there are not that many newbie runners in my age group to be found so I will continue to plod along solo as long as need be.

Friday was a cross-training day.  I rode my bike about 15 miles.

Saturday I did the run and then dug up bushes in front of the house to transplant in the back yard.

Today (Sunday) was an off-day and I worked. 

More later….



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