Where is the TARDIS when you need a ride back through time?

19 08 2009

I was SO FREAKIN’ BUSY today, it is absolutely ridiculous!  I’m working a rather insane trio of days right now:  an afternoon/evening shift today, an early morning shift tomorrow and a 13-hour open-to-close shift at the urgent care on Friday. 

My husband, the slender, rather sedentary soon-to-be-ex-smoker, has turned out to be the one with more middle-aged health issues than I, and so I’ve added to my calendar the task of ensuring healthy brown bag meals for him to take to work (because he can’t just breeze through Whole Foods on his way to work like I can).  This entails a lot of planning, shopping, advance-preparing, then finishing and packing every Monday-Friday.  I’m also completely addicted to the internet and have to feed my habit daily.  And I start to get twitchy when I don’t keep up with my training schedule.  Consequently, when time is short, I am frazzled!

That was the case today when I slept too late and had too much that I “absolutely had to do” in about 2 hours.  I’ve been advised by my podiatrist that I need to give my bad metatarsal “some TLC” along with a Medrol Dose Pack, even though it is getting better.  He stopped short of telling me not to run but emphasized that rest, alternating hot and cold water soaks, and the medication — with possibly even a stint of physical therapy — needed to be Number One on my agenda right now.  And since my “Run Less Run Faster” training program starts the second week of September, it is really crucial that I be ready to go.

So in an effort to keep myself moving forward after having taken the past two days off, I decided an hour’s bike ride would work my legs enough to suffice as a decent cross-training session.  But I had all this other stuff to do too, in order to live up to my other expectations in life.    I ended up getting about 45 minutes of riding done, followed by about 10 minutes of lackluster corework.  But I felt edgy and shortchanged because it just didn’t seem like enough.

What I need is a machine that will take me back in time, just a couple of hours, so that I could get in everything I need to do, everything I want to do and everything else everyone expects me to do.  I need a TARDIS.  Will someone page Doctor Who?

More tomorrow……another whirlwind day is planned.



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