Photons Be Free (and take the snowflakes with you!)

5 03 2014

In an episode of Star Trek: Voyager, the holographic doctor wrote a novel called “Photons Be Free” which was a parody of the actual crew and consisted of some rather dramatic antics that he thought would be entertaining.  Of course, it caused a major stir among the protagonists when they found out about what Captain Janeway called “extracurricular subroutines” and each sought to alter the way their character was portrayed.


Photo credit to Memory Alpha:

That’s pretty much how I feel about winter every year  —  that I’d like to rewrite the way it unfolds  —   but this year especially.  Snow, snow and more snow with almost each dramatic swell followed by an Arctic blast of cold has a way of dampening anybody’s good mood.  I don’t even need to mention what it does to a person’s hopes of running outdoors.

This year I decided to break the season into weeks and find something to like about each one.  I called it my campaign to Unhate Winter.  I had no idea it would be as big a challenge as it’s been.  Seeing spring on the horizon now, even as yet another snowstorm roils outside at this very moment, I can release my findings from the log I’ve been keeping since December:


Week 1 – 12/21:  Trip to a cabin in the woods to start winter on a good note and my birthday 12/21; it was very nice

Week 2 – 12/28:  produced videos of marathons I downloaded from YouTube and added good music soundtracks so as to enjoy the Treadmill

Week 3 – 1/4/14: bought and tried out a new TM workout then ran sometimes twice a day

Week 4 – 1/11/14: did some of the Polar Dash race in downtown Chicago, even though I bailed early due to conditions being too treacherous

Week 5 – 1/18/14:  ran on the treadmill until my shins were sore so started back to cardio DVDs

Week 6 – 1/25/14:  Frozen Half Marathon too frozen; skipped it and saw The Hobbit movie instead

Week 7 – 2/1/14: Planned, shopped and packed for my next two trips…..but barely hanging on now.  Desperately cold & dreary!

Week 8 – 2/8 :Trip to Florida which was WONDERFUL for 4 days, 70 degrees and a chance to run or walk outdoors every day

Week 9 – 2/15:  Basked in the joys of a couple of 40 degree days back at home and even got outside once for a few hours.  But still stressed and not enjoying winter.

Week 10 – 2/22:  Winter sports weekend in Wisconsin brought the JOY back to my life!  Dogsledding and snowshoeing reminded me there is something to like about snow.

Week 11 – 3/1/14: Planned Trip to NC and did some new TM workouts to train for the first half marathon of the season

Week 12 – 3/8: North Carolina Half Marathon week

Week 13 – 3/15 is the LAST WEEK OF WINTER!

Even though it isn’t over yet, I will call it a success in that I hated the season less than I usually do.  Old Man Winter is really pushing his luck this year but I think I’ll make it.  The end is in sight.  And despite not being able to rewrite the story, I’ll see it through to the end.

NEXT UP:  Race report from North Carolina, first half marathon of the season, which will be Sunday, March 9, 2014.



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