Training in the Rinax marshlands

17 07 2012

Not really.  It just feels like it sometimes.

So here is the obligatory Star Trek reference:
Neelix, the cook and self-proclaimed “chief morale officer” on the starship USS Voyager, is a Talaxian whose  home planet has a moon called Rinax which contains marshlands where the climate is said to reach 122 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer with 90% humidity.  OK, so it’s not quite that bad here. But if I don’t start using sunscreen on a more regular basis, I’ll probably end up looking like him.

Anyway, it has been a fairly uneventful training week.  No races scheduled, just a lot of heat and sunshine.

Tuesday, July 10 – Rode 20 miles on the bike in 1:45 then did a 3.1 mile run.  Although my goal for the inaugural ride was just “to get used to the new bike,” I found myself wanting to make it go faster.  I’m still not sure how to work all the different gears though.  I’d get it up to a speed where I couldn’t pedal anymore and then had to coast.  My legs got so used to the effort it took to power my big old cruiser, that this bike seems easy by comparison.  I think the guy at the Trek store was right when he told me “you’re gonna be a beast on this bike.”  I like that!  And I know now why they call it a “brick” when you ride first and then run:   that’s what your feet feel like the first few dozen steps after biking.

Wednesday, July 11 – 5.15 miles run.  I had intended 6 but got out of the house late.  Oh the joy winning a lottery would bring!  In the meantime, I’ll keep getting to work on time and fit in the workouts as I can.  I truly envy people who can work out at night.  My job drains every last ounce of mental and physical vigor from my body.  By the time I get home, I’m about as energetic as a slug on Quaaludes.

Thursday, July 12 – Really crappy sleep last night.  It was supposed to be a weights day but I rested instead.  Too tired to function, too cranky to care.

Friday, July 13 – Biked 1 hour then ran 30 minutes. I tried different shoes today to see if it made running seem easier.  Not necessarily.  It’s eerie how I felt so incredibly slo-o-o-ow.

Saturday, July 14 – There was supposed to have been a 14.3 mile long run today, except I overslept by 2 hours.  Yeah, I guess I was tired and needed the sleep but it pissed me off anyway.  Then the heat prevented me from doing much once I got started.  I made it about 6 miles and called it a day as far as running.  I did venture to spend some time on the bike afterwards but, with the combination of my old right carpal tunnel issue suddenly flaring up, a little neck arthritis joining the parade and my sore butt not liking the seat much, ended up heading back home after three miles.  So I went into the City to join friends at the Irish Fest and listened to music instead.  At least I got my Smithwick’s-drinking training done.

Sunday, July 15 – an off day:  brunch with friends then errands

Monday, July 16 – 30 minutes run, then 45 minutes on the bike before work.  Next goal: make this bike go faster.  It used to take all my effort to get the White Elephant (as I now fondly call my old one) up to 15-16mph.  Like I said before, the new one is a breeze by comparison and I find myself with leg power to spare. I guess I’ll study up on all those rings and chains now.  The old bike had a display with numbers for each gear.  The new one has none so I’ll have to do it by feel.  Next time I ride for sure.

And that’s it for now.