Not as bad as the Phage but….

20 01 2012

…..the common cold is still a bitch.

Star Trek lore holds that the common cold was cured sometime in the 24th Century, and I am so looking forward to that day!  However here on Terra in the early 21st Century, it can still kick your unfortunate ass — as I very well know at this moment.  Despite hand-washing on a scale that would make Howard Hughes jealous, I have managed to catch whatever it is that the patients are bringing into my office by the dozens.  I woke up yesterday with a uvula that felt (and looked) like a punching bag and it went downhill from there.  I’ve gotten over the body aches and queasy stomach a bit today but am still not back to 100%.

Fortunately, this week is a “recovery week” on my training schedule and I am not expecting myself to do much.  After having spent the last month building workouts in both length and intensity, the unwelcome arrival of this virus reinforces the plan to do more relaxing than pushing.   But it still pisses me off because I really hate being sick!

I guess I can take heart in the fact that I don’t look like this (a victim of the Vidiian Phage  —-  See Star Trek Voyager “Phage” episode):


Training since the last post:

January 11 – “Yogilates” DVD (a combo of yoga and Pilates) — because my “fun” 5.5 miles of speed intervals the previous day left me able to do little else  🙂

January 12 – 2 miles of speed intervals

January 13 – Cathe Friedrich’s “High Step Circuit” DVD which circuit training of aerobics interspersed with weights and corework

January 14 – 55 minute MotionTraxx podcast “Treadmill Coach“, an extremely intense workout consisting of hills, then speed, then speed uphill which kicked my ass in the most delicious way possible

January 15 – Off (start of “Recovery Week”)

January 16 – 20 minutes of intervals on the treadmill

January 17 – Off

January 18 – 20 minutes of light weight work

January 19 – 35 minutes of 30 second sprint intervals on the treadmill (with a 5 minute warm up and cool down on each end)

January 20 – Today is an off day

The next phase begins on Sunday.  More later…..



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