Dammit Jim, I’m a doctor…

31 12 2009

…not a freakin Polar Bear!

What in the name of Kahless was I thinking, scheduling an early January half-marathon?!  Even if it IS in Florida, I still have to train somewhere!

It is TOO COLD AND SNOWY to be running in this crazy place where I live!  Oh yes, I sucked it up and ran 4 miles outside today but I HATED IT.  I’ll do it again but I’ll HATE IT again! I CAN’T WAIT until January 9 comes and I’m done with this crazy quest!  Jeez!

I know, I know, I could run at the gym but it squicks me out thinking about all the germs lurking there waiting to jump on me.  Community acquired MRSA is no joke. 

          Nasty, ain’t it?  I treat it daily.

   And I damned sure don’t want it.

 And because I’m a doctor who would be considered pretty much a LEPER if I caught it, I run outside.

Today I ran in ankle deep snow.  My toes were frozen, my eyes were watering, my cheeks are now red and pocky looking.  But I did it.  And sure, I’ll do it again.  Maybe twice more before the race.  And then I’m done.  I’M DONE until it’s at least 40 degrees out there.  This is nuts!

Since I last posted, I also did a 60 minute step aerobics video and a core workout.

More to come.  Done ranting now….



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