Captain Kirk once had to eat meatloaf for Thanksgiving….

27 11 2009

…but we had a truly wonderful feast yesterday:  tenderloin roast, herbed chicken thighs, kugelis, creamed spinach, glazed carrots, German red cabbage, harvest salad, pecan pie tarts, pumpkin pudding, and brownies, all washed down with champagne then followed by little glasses of sherry.   Ahhhhh, what a feast!  And how many more miles my fat ass needs to run in order to prevent that stuff from sticking to my thighs forever!

Since having a stomach bug on the 16th and 17th, I have recovered.  I worked a WHOLE BUNCH of hours in the days after my illness but did manage an 8 mile run on the 19th or 20th.

This past week I did fairly well.  I lost a couple of pounds (which I hope not to have gained back at the table yesterday) and proceeded with my training.

Monday I ran 8.5 miles.

Tuesday I did a short full-body weights workout.

Wednesday I took off.

Thursday I ran 5 miles.

Today, Friday, I walked the dogs 4 miles then did a lower-body workout. 

Tomorrow I will be working again but have upper-body and abs planned, along with probably another brisk walk with the dogs.

Life is good.



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