Lost in the Neutral Zone?

9 04 2018


Nope.  Just not really enthused enough to write anything.

Last year’s running season ended on a blah note.  My last half-marathon of the year was disappointing.  The weather got cold.  I got injured.  Winter took away my outdoor sports, and the worst flu season I can remember took away most of my free time because I had to work a lot more.

But six months have passed and spring is technically here although it actually snowed this morning.  However, I’ve recovered from both injuries and am looking forward to getting back outdoors more frequently to live the life I enjoy.

I’ll catch up on my races and get back to writing.

Next post will finish out 2017:
the Crazy Horse Half Marathon, a few local races, and my winter challenge of 6.2 miles once a week for 6.2 weeks to celebrate turning 62 last December.