2015 = 282.95 days on the Klingon calendar

20 01 2015

klingonFrom Strauchius at http://atavachron.wikidot.com/calendars:klingon-calendar:

“The Klingon day “jaj” lasts 1.29 Earth days, or 30 hours, 57 minutes and 36 seconds.
A Klingon year “DIS” lasts 440.125 Klingon days, or 567.76 Earth days.”

I cannot imagine a 30 hour day!  Geesh.  My jobs would surely have me working even longer.  But maybe with 30 hours in a day, somewhere I might find a marathon with a long-enough time limit that I could finish it even if I walked.   LOL   However there will be no marathon for me this year on any calendar, Terran or Klingon.  I’m not even going to consider it.  I am calling 2015 my “year to get stuff out of the way” lifewise and “back to basics” athleticwise, neither of which includes running 26.2 miles.

Lifewise, the first thing to jettison out the hatch is a boards recertification exam.  Family doctors who want to be board-certified (translation: “any one who wants a decent job”) have to take the medical board exams every 10 years, and I’m doing that in April (which means studying instead of training for events in my spare time).  Since you are required to know all sorts of minutiae about things you may never see in your daily practice, cracking the books like a medical student is what you have to do.  But the good news is: this will be the last board exam I ever take.  When it comes due again in 2025, I will be 69 years old and probably only working part-time someplace that doesn’t care if I’m board-certified or not.

“Back to Basics” in my athletic life means tabling the Ahab-like obsession with distance and working toward greater all-around fitness in an effort to avoid injuries.  I realized last fall (while rehabbing yet another repetitive strain Achilles issue) that I had given up all else in favor of running, and that was surely what contributed to the physical faltering. Since it’s never healthy to be unidimensional, I returned to serious strength training and aerobic conditioning along with eating a higher protein diet.  Oddly enough, my endurance didn’t suffer and I even lost some weight in the process.  So the new year will include shorter races but more biking, lifting, aerobics and the dreaded stretching after each workout.  I will see where that takes me before I try again to slay the white whale labeled

2015’s preliminary plans include the following as of this writing:

January  —  Super Run 5k (in San Diego during a board review conference I am attending)
February  —  Puppy Love Virtual 5k (a fundraiser for animals)
March  —  Penguin in the Park 5k (another chance to hobnob with John the Penguin Bingham)
April  —  MORE Fitness Women’s Half Marathon (in New York City to celebrate completing the board exam)
May  —  Soldier Field 10 Miler (this year’s “race with the cousins” in Chicago)
June  —  at least one 5 or 10k somewhere with my running club and maybe more
Fall/winter  —  possibly a multi-state outing in the fall with the gang from MainlyMarathons.com but definitely a December half on the gulf coast within driving distance of New Orleans (tentatively The Holiday Half Marathon in Point Clear, Alabama)

MoonJoggers 2015I will post reports and most likely photos from all of them as each one occurs, and will seriously try not to let months go by before that happens.  I’m really a pretty rotten blogger when it comes to consistency but I do try.

I also signed on with the Moon Joggers again this year and have thus earned my first bib and medal already without even having put foot to pavement yet (although I have done many many treadmill miles).

So that’s it for now.  I’ll holler back later with a report on the San Diego 5k.

In the meantime as they say on Qo’noS:  “qet pagh Hegh” (run or die)!.



Photo Credits:
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Moby Dick – From http://wallpapersinhq.com/images/big/moby_dick-195639.jpg
Moon Jogger stuff – Me


Better Late Than Never: Closing out 2014

11 01 2015

Like I said in my last post, the Achilles tendonitis reared its ugly head (as it is wont to do on an annual basis) and my fall plans got curtailed.  My original plan was that a trio of half marathons  —  Wichita Fire, Rock-n-Roll Savannah and Rock-n-Roll San Antonio  — would complete a half dozen half marathons for the year.  But I probably overextended myself doing the Wa Du Shuda in July which would have brought it to 7.  And I am now certain I didn’t stretch enough (as I am wont to do on an all-too-regular basis) and ended up limping instead.  Oddly enough, the pain began in September and there wasn’t any discrete event that started it.  I just noticed a soreness that worsened over time and took months to rehab again.  Feh!  And I now repeat my favorite lament:   It sucks to get old.  But it sure beats the alternative.  And since it’s way too late to have died young, I’ll continue to learn my lessons and keep going.

So here’s how my fall running season went:  I dumbed down from the 1/2 to the 5k in Wichita, did half of the 1/2 in Savannah ( slinking off the course as it fortuitously looped past my hotel during Mile Six) and did the whole 13.1 in San Antonio unfortunately walking most of it.  Rehab continues as of this writing but I’m getting there.  And hopefully, having finally mended my ways, I will stay recovered this time.

I don’t have much to say about Wichita.  I didn’t take any photos.  I was in severe pain the entire time and to this day I don’t know why I didn’t cancel the trip and save the money.  Obsessive 50-State Racer Syndrome?  Maybe.  I might have invented a new disease with that trip.

Savannah was much better.  The city reminded me of New Orleans (second home of my heart) in some locations and that gave me such a welcome feeling.  I also stopped by the studio of my most favorite ever fitness video trainer, Tracie Long, and took a cardio/weights class.  I’ve been doing her workouts since the days of The FIRM in the 1990s, and it was pure joy to do a workout live and in person with her.  Even though I didn’t run the entire half marathon, I had a wonderful weekend because of that experience alone.  And hopefully two days of good calorie burn offset some of the fried chicken, grits and cobbler that I could not help but enjoy while I was back IMG_0596in the South.

Then the Rock-n-Roll half in San Antonio put the smile back on my face.  Even though I decided to walk the entire thing to avoid reinjury, I did throw in a little running when I was just so overcome with energy that I couldn’t help it.  Sometimes a good song on my iPod makes me break out into a run and, caution or not, I can’t fight the feeling.

The San Anton weekend was memorable because it was John The Penguin’s last outing prior to retirement and there was a special goodbye session at the expo featuring a lot of big names in running.  At one point, I turned IMG_0637around to find Meb Keflezighi sitting behind me in the audience.  I about fainted!  My cell phone camera did not capture a very good image, but I did snap a pic of him onstage with John after presenting him a plaque which outlined all of the wonderful things John has done to bring running to the common person.  It was an emotional moment and I think the photo sums it up.

The race itself was a fun one.  It was the typical uber-crowded R-n-R event well stocked with amenities and live music at every mile.  The weather was a bit cool and overcast but in the low 50s, perfect weather for racing really.  Since I walked most of it instead of running, I was able to take a few photos here and there of people and things that struck my fancy.

cheering section

Best sideline cheering section!

Coolest sign.

Coolest sign.

So 2014 ended with my having done very few races once again because of the work schedule that continues to eat up two weekends a month.  I did run more half marathons in any one year than I have ever done before (five) and I pushed my number of “states raced in” to 24.  Other than the two injuries (foot tendonitis in May and Achilles in September), it was quite the enjoyable year and I wouldn’t change a thing.

I reported miles all year to the Moon Joggers and earned slightly under 600 for the Voyage to Venus mission which granted me the rank of Cadet.  My husband said we now have proof that I’m a Space Cadet.  LOL

The BEST THING about 2014’s running though was that I finally gained entry into that cadre of crazies that I’ve been trying to join for two years:  The Half Fanatics.  It’s a related organization to the Marathon Maniacs and you have to do a certain number of races within a specified (and somewhat short) length of time in order to get in.  My spring schedule qualified me and so I joined.  The running kind is the type of fanatic I am happy and proud to be!

2014 Medals and the Best Prize of All

2014 Medals and the Best Prize of All

2014’s racing bibs: once again too few but each a fond recollection.